Friday, 13 November 2009

Response to NINA BREWIN

There is clearly alot of work and time gone into your post, but there is an element of vagueness to your referencing. I would have liked to have direct links to some of the things you make reference to.
What texts have been written to support your choices? Has anyone else written or undertaken research in this area?

The French seem love adding sparkles to the side/behind text in their adverts, as found with most mini-adverts on the CANAL+ Station
This line caught my attention. it seems a bit generalising. I would certainly liked to have seen links to examples and some kind of evidence of your exploration into finding adverts which did in fact buck this trend. it may well be that you are correct and the french do like sparkles, but more so than german or british people? what, beyond some time spent googling french adverts, provided you with the evidence to support the statement? and is it just a recent phenomenon? have been able to access any french design journals? flicking through the last few months of those often reveal trends and fashions. have you looked into fashion? the uk has a big 80's revival thing going on at the moment with bright neon colours and sparkles.

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