Thursday, 12 November 2009

CineMoi - LOCKDOWN - Research

Defining what the client wants out of its advert.

The CineMoi company ultimately want their advert to inform their customers/new customers of the latest special offer, a recommend a friend promotion which is to compromise of the channel's theme while giving a classic, expensive element to encourage the viewers to feel that their money is buying quality.

The word 'Classic' and 'expensive' in regards to French Cinema made me think directly to the old black and white films of the La Nouvelle Vague (The French New Wave), Regarded by most the peak of French Cinema.

The French film makers in this period were influenced by classic Hollywood cinema (FilmNoir) / Italian Neorealism, but what is the one thing these have in common?

They all have strong character development and the storytelling is slowly paced compared to other films.

So for the advert I could use a character / couple characters to try and develop an emotion between them and the audience~

Simple is Elegant, I don't want to cram the viewers with too much information or images. A focus on a few characters to perhaps tell the offer, or do an action which shows the characters themselves interacting with friends, being cheerful and happy will give the overall mood that this offer is good and the channel shows quality, traditional French Cinema.

Modern French Television

Now I do not wish to make a dated advert so I continued my research to French Television Channels and viewed their adverts and Idents to see if there was a correlation of 'classic' styled adverts between channels. What do they use to explain to the audience that their product is of fine quality?

If we start of with the setting it is generally set in worn/old streets, or bars and High-end clubs. Fairly different and contrasting from each other. Perhaps the worn/dirty look helps to link with the more down-to-earth traditional aspect of French Life which would link nicely with the classic-theme. And the bars are rich in colours conveying the expensive / luxury lifestyle.

One of the adverts I really liked was by Maybelline Make-up, The text used to describe the product was small and simple and faded in and out of the scene, but also the text moved along with the camera as it panned down a female body. - (M6 Television Channel)

I could use the camera to focus into one of the photographs, say of two people holding hands/socialising, and as the camera moves it tells the audience what is happening in the picture with text moving along side, this will hopefully incorporate the theme of French Cinema (slow camera movements / character development) and inform the audience of the product.

I looked at French Perfume adverts, since its considered a luxury item they were the perfect type of advert to give us the impression of how they do expensive, quality products in French Television . Popular perfume Channel No.5's advert told us a rather random story/ if any, I do think they are bad examples of trying to inform the audience what the product is about, But Visually it was perfect at conveying the quailty aspect, they used a rich variety of colours such as blacks, Gold,reds and blues.

Though if I want to keep to the Black and White theme of traditional French Cinema then maybe I can slip one or two for these colours into the background to create a elegant mood. I'm thinking Gold text on a black and white image would look very rich.

Another thing I found was sparkles. The French seem love adding sparkles to the side/behind text in their adverts, as found with most mini-adverts on the CANAL+ Station. I guess its to give the illusion of crystals/diamonds = expensive.

Continuing to look at French Television channels I found some wonderful visual adverts/ movie posters that I could pick at. First was CANAL+ Film poster.

The use of shading in a photograph could give the advert a unique flair that would attract attention. Instead of the pastel colours used I'd go for the deeper rich colours as explained previously.

Secondly another CANAL+ Film advertisement caught my eye because of the strong composition. To one side was part of a character and the other is the text, which is very bold and eye catching but at the bottom a softer font is used in a different colour, so its explaining the film but making sure the viewer is not overcrowded by information.

If I follow the Maybelline advert with the camera panning through a photograph I may want to consider a use of different fonts and colours to add variety.

CineMoi has its own Youtube account with a list of past adverts they had used and a 'favourites' section filled with scenes from French Films. By browsing through it could help to give a type of mood they are after in their adverts and perhaps the type of music they like?

This was also a good opportunity to grab any slogans / tag lines they have used on their account page. The best ones which I could incorporate are,

'The edgiest channel since Film Four - Find us in Sky Movies - CHANNEL NO.343


'Cinémoi the first and only channel dedicated to French film. '

I shall be taking all aspects of my research stated and then develop a few ideas turning the best ones into visual concepts.


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