Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dan Tyler - Justification

This post is purely to explain my choices in compositing my advertisement and my research material to cover this.

Firstly I started to piece together the ad by thinking of a music track first of all. The track I choose was 'Fallin' Apart' by The All-American Rejects, My reasons for this was for a 'quirky' feel. I thoroughly studied the supplied tracks and felt that I should try something different. I also wanted to time the music with in the Ad because this is the kind of technique that is commonly found within the Cinemoi videos, Such as promotions and trailers.
Once I had chosen my score I begun to pick an appropriate piece of text... I went for a simple and clear text, Something that's reads quickly and clearly. My reason for this choice is the fact that through out the Cinemoi website it has clear and distinctive text.
I also chose to use the magenta colour within my ad as well because of its use within the Cinemoi site. I felt that this could be brought across as a 'package' kind of deal... For example Cinemoi has set text colour for corresponding film genres such as Family, Thriller, Drama etc
I did however feel it was not appropriate to use the magenta for the whole text, and so I used it purely to highlight the benefits of the promotional offer.
All though images were supplied I didn't feel that they could purely draw in the view to keep them watching. I looked at many other French adverts for promotions and even SKY adverts , All of which had little snippets of the TV channel content to give a kind of teaser sampler.

I really wanted to try to incorporate this within my advert too, but no videos as such were supplied. So I visited the Cinemoi site and managed to download a trailer for the channel and I simply recycled the footage. I feel that this works well but despite the small time span compared to ones I had researched, It still brings a strong French cinema feel to the advert.

What I also felt was necessary was to include the contact number for the refer a friend offer, and even to include the web address as an alternative. I produced this information at the end of the advertisement for the simple reason it could retain longer screen time and to be the last piece of information seen by the viewer.

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