Thursday, 19 November 2009

ASHLEY FRY - End Product

My advert is now finished and overall im very happy with it.

I wanted to keep my advert very clear and to the point, therefore i decided early on that i wanted to keep the background an off white colour, This saves the attention going away from what you are trying to get across, in this case the refer a friend promotion. I used close ups of the letters M O and I to help with the transactions of the text, with still shots being played in a slide show, on the faces of the letters. To make the pictures seem unique and not too similar to 'Film Noir' I kept a very desaturated colour on them as well as adding a nice 8mm film effect on top which i feel works extremely well. I feel the still images work better than film as its less for the brain to take in and deconstruct.

As stated in my very first post, I noticed the pink colour theme with reguards to the refer a friend. Therefore I incorporated this into my lettering, which was kept simple, large and in capitals, to keep in accordance with the previous trailers on the Cinemoi site. The Music I chose fits well with the general speed of the advert, and keeps the advert from feeling rushed.

I emphasised the 'FREE' text by depreciating the oppacity levels slower than the ' ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION' and also by slowly scaling the text. This brings the attention to the fact that the month you get is free, and its also the main selling point of the advert.

Its pointless having a subscription advert, whether its on the channel or not, withought a phone number the customer can subscribe to. The last thing a customer wants to do is search around for a phone number or contact information. Therefor I added the number in the end shot with the 2d Cinemoi logo. I also stopped the phone number from fading out as its the one piece of information the customer needs to see for the longest amount of time.

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