Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dan Tyler - 1st Thoughts

With regards to Ash's comment I completely agree with the idea of incorporating the use of the referral page.
I think it would be a 'smart' move to include the idea of using their website as an idea of 'quick and painless' transaction (Minutes to set up)
Perhaps breakdown the text of their web address in a way that the viewer would take it in without any thoughts to remembering it.
I also agree with the colour scheme that Ash picked up on, as if to say that that particular colour would be a recognition of 'Refer A Friend', much like their package collections, e.g. Thriller, Drama, Family etc..
I also think that MAYBE it would be a good idea to include briefly that it is a 'Safe & Secure' website, because for some of those 'oldies' that are afraid of the internet would know that they have authentic certification to deal with transactions over the internet. (But obviously still include their telephone number)

Dan Tyler

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