Saturday, 5 December 2009

Li Ting Hei Garvey

When I first started to do this Cinemoi project, I didn't understand much about what the client want. I only sticked with those ideas in my mind, and didn't do much researched about it. I just wanna to do what I think is the best.

The following images are some background theme I produced for the Cinemoi.

and I also grabbed some images from the Cinemoi folder, changed their colour and make them look classic.

All I was thinking, is to do somethings similar to those adverts you see in Odeon or Cineworld before the movie starts.
But then when I was half way doing it, all in the suspended I thought all these works looks so crap, so I gave up all these.

I look through the brief again, I've discovered that we should tried to avoid make it French cliche, less MTV style but more of a classic. I also researched on their website, I've discovered that Cinemoi usually run thier advert in quite a enpensive, or luxury style.
Then I thought maybe I should make my Cinemoi advert in more of a Luxury style. Thinking of Luxury style, I wanna create a colour which can represent Luxury in this project.

I did some researchs of some images about luxury

I am not sure what luxury is like in everyone's mind,
but In my mind, luxury is like golden cutleries and tools on the red carpet.
Then I tried to look for some colour which could match the qualities of "Luxury" in my mind by experiment on them.

Some of my ideas was inspired by Rob's one, but instead of having the images rotating, my images and word are mostly sliding around, appearing and disappearing.(Where did that idea came from?? I don't even understand why would i make all these images sliding around...?!)

The following images were used in my Cinemoi project, most of them came from the Cinemoi folder, and I changed the cfolour and style through photoshop

And I also captued a few french videos from youtube for my project as as well

Also I've been tole by Adam.C that there are some style of words that the clients wouldn't like, that was a very important tip for me, I avoided to use those style of words.(But I can't remember what did people call that kind of style...)

This is the final finish product, hope everyone like it