Sunday, 1 November 2009

French cinema style- Ash

Ok, Ive been searching around trying to find some styles that french cinema use, that we could encorporate into the music video. Popping up a few times was the 'over use' of camera tracking instead of cuts. This could give a realy nice feel to the video, especially if our character is sitting in this coffee shop, watching 'old hims' walk past. Instead of going to diffenet camera view's we can realy over-use one camera shot, whether its spinning round the coffee shop looking at all the other people inside, or floating around, checking his expressions and also looking at passers by out the window.
If we decide to go with this idea of the old him's walking past outside, it would give a realy nice touch, i feel, if the camera was to stay in the coffee shop for the duration of the video. It kind of makes the viewer feel more close the main character, seeing life through his eyes as opposed to 'watching the video.' Do we even need a main character? we could use the camera as the main characters eyes. The viewer is the main character. The camera could look down at his feet etc. its been done a few times before in videos but is always realy effective.
To back the above, i also found that hand held cameras were used quite a lot, as opposed to trypods etc. That would give a realy organic feel to the video, especially if were looking through the characters eyes? let me no wat your thoughts are. ash

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