Sunday, 15 November 2009

Miguel Gómez - Some kind of research

Well, I´ve been trying to come up with some good ideas for the Cinemoi advert... unsuccesfuly.
While looking for some TV idents vids by the Internet I fell in love with the idents of thematic "canal plus" like +cinema and +family.
They are really elegant but not especially classic... but, anyway, they might give me some keys for the colour and the composition

I was so baffled about the ad stuff that I suddenly felt like making a trailer of my current project (well, it's nearly finished): an animated videoclip for a Spanish indie-pop band. And so I did!

Yeah... I know, it’s not the best thing to do during a Saturday night.

Well, continuing with the main issue...

I also have been taking a look at the Cinémoi webpage design and some trailers. Of course, it would be suicidal not to try to make something similar. While taking a look to the trailers and spots I noticed they are really simple, there´s nothing else but movie fragments and the logo in the end of the ad slowly getting bigger.
Analyzing the graphic style, I ended up with this conclusion: if they attempted to make an expensive and classic-looking design, they didn´t really achieve it. Actually, the logo reminds me of the one of Cartoon Network (because of the black and white and the very bold fonts):

Here we have an example of luxury ad, directed by the brilliant film-maker David Lynch:

As you can see, the golden and yellow colours are taking all the protagonism and the fonts are some kind of thick handwritten small letters. I don't have any clear text reference about why these letters are more luxurious than the ones of cartoon network, but I guess it has to do with the clearness and decoration. The ones of Cinémoi are made, basically, to catch the attention of the viewers, because we ought to consider they are not very successful (yet) and the famous perfumes trademarks doesn´t need to catch the attention of the global public that way, because it's not a product destined to everybody but for a richer minority.

If you follow this link you´ll see another example of elegant and expensive trademark with expensive typography.

I've also found a student typography animation in Youtube called "Glamorous". I know it´s not a really reliable reference but I think it really approaches to the concept.

Anyway, I think I’m going to try to merge the luxurious style with the Cinémoi graphic concepts in order to create something appealing but, at the same time, expensive and good-quality looking.

Those are my first thoughts I´ve got some conclusions about the fonts and the colours but I still need to think about the animation, composition and, of course, the music.

Apologies about my English. Mig

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