Monday, 16 November 2009

Carrie Hopkins - My thoughts

After seeing the Pew 36 idents and "mtv" attempts at the commercial we have been briefed with, I started my personal research in the obvious place by looking at the Cinemoi website. I agree with previous comments about the website being very clear and simple in it's presentation and with the opinion that this doesn't nessecarily portray the classic, expensive look that we have been told to create for them.

Seeing as the brief states that the client requires a "classic" look and a style that conforms to the "high quality" of the films shown on the channel I have decided to try and create an advert that incorporates their website style as well as aspects of "classic" French film and music.

Starting with music; I first looked into the soundtracks of some of the films that have recently been screened on the channel. I found that a film called Vidocq had some music by Vivaldi which being classical music connotes high class and as such is applicable to our brief. However, I feel it more appropriate to go with something quintissentially French. As such I looked into popular French music and came across a singer called Edif Piaf; "Piaf" being a nickname given to her by the French public that loved her; a colloquism for Sparrow. Her music is still famous in France today despite the singer having been dead since 1963. It's for this reason I've opted to use her song "La Foule" for my advert.

On visual content I've decided to begin with an image from "Breathless"; a film by the renound director Jean Luc Goddard. A film which is described as "a high point for New Wave films" (The French New Wave An Artistic School translated by Richard Newpert written by Michel Marie pg 13 line 26). It is also featured in Cinemoi's "Classics" trailers. After the image from Breathless I will introduce images from other "Classics" and move on to breifly show a wider selection of the films Cinemoi has to offer.

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