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On starting my cinamoi project i deicide one of the most important thing for me to do was to work out the colour scheme and ecstatic of the piece.
I started my looking into French perfume adverts on and notes in most of them if not all of them the colour gold was you frequently and red fetched in some of them I then decide to have a look into any other classy adverts to see if the gold and red colour scheme feted in them also after watch some Ferrero Rocher are well known for their glamour and elegances. After watching these add i stumbled across the Stella Artois Spec adverts which to me did not shot classy but after watching the advert i realised the way that Stella Artois made their advert make their product seam more classy than it really was by using the gold and red color scheme and dark shadows and dim lighting.
I wanted to try to bring this assents’ of glamour and class to my advert used the color scheme that are fetched so heavily in all these adverts.
After looking at these add being happy with the colour sheme it then look to words what type of font i would use after talking with Adam I was informed that the client did not like sand serif fonts and want a clean but classy serif font.
I had a good look about and discovered that the art nouveau had some nicey and well designed serif font so I was pretty shore from the start art nouveau was the style type for me.
I decide i would type art nouveau into Google to see if it would give me any great ideas, and i hit GOLD. From my Graphic days, back in collage I instantly recognize the pattern it was damask a art nouveau continues pattern .
Damask is a black and white pattern from use in the art nouveau style it is used in inter design and on furnishing a lot
I know from the moment i shore this pattern i wanted to use it in my advert but new i would have to use it sparlling or it would over power the txt and the information would not get across.

ASHLEY FRY - End Product

My advert is now finished and overall im very happy with it.

I wanted to keep my advert very clear and to the point, therefore i decided early on that i wanted to keep the background an off white colour, This saves the attention going away from what you are trying to get across, in this case the refer a friend promotion. I used close ups of the letters M O and I to help with the transactions of the text, with still shots being played in a slide show, on the faces of the letters. To make the pictures seem unique and not too similar to 'Film Noir' I kept a very desaturated colour on them as well as adding a nice 8mm film effect on top which i feel works extremely well. I feel the still images work better than film as its less for the brain to take in and deconstruct.

As stated in my very first post, I noticed the pink colour theme with reguards to the refer a friend. Therefore I incorporated this into my lettering, which was kept simple, large and in capitals, to keep in accordance with the previous trailers on the Cinemoi site. The Music I chose fits well with the general speed of the advert, and keeps the advert from feeling rushed.

I emphasised the 'FREE' text by depreciating the oppacity levels slower than the ' ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION' and also by slowly scaling the text. This brings the attention to the fact that the month you get is free, and its also the main selling point of the advert.

Its pointless having a subscription advert, whether its on the channel or not, withought a phone number the customer can subscribe to. The last thing a customer wants to do is search around for a phone number or contact information. Therefor I added the number in the end shot with the 2d Cinemoi logo. I also stopped the phone number from fading out as its the one piece of information the customer needs to see for the longest amount of time.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dan Tyler - Justification

This post is purely to explain my choices in compositing my advertisement and my research material to cover this.

Firstly I started to piece together the ad by thinking of a music track first of all. The track I choose was 'Fallin' Apart' by The All-American Rejects, My reasons for this was for a 'quirky' feel. I thoroughly studied the supplied tracks and felt that I should try something different. I also wanted to time the music with in the Ad because this is the kind of technique that is commonly found within the Cinemoi videos, Such as promotions and trailers.
Once I had chosen my score I begun to pick an appropriate piece of text... I went for a simple and clear text, Something that's reads quickly and clearly. My reason for this choice is the fact that through out the Cinemoi website it has clear and distinctive text.
I also chose to use the magenta colour within my ad as well because of its use within the Cinemoi site. I felt that this could be brought across as a 'package' kind of deal... For example Cinemoi has set text colour for corresponding film genres such as Family, Thriller, Drama etc
I did however feel it was not appropriate to use the magenta for the whole text, and so I used it purely to highlight the benefits of the promotional offer.
All though images were supplied I didn't feel that they could purely draw in the view to keep them watching. I looked at many other French adverts for promotions and even SKY adverts , All of which had little snippets of the TV channel content to give a kind of teaser sampler.

I really wanted to try to incorporate this within my advert too, but no videos as such were supplied. So I visited the Cinemoi site and managed to download a trailer for the channel and I simply recycled the footage. I feel that this works well but despite the small time span compared to ones I had researched, It still brings a strong French cinema feel to the advert.

What I also felt was necessary was to include the contact number for the refer a friend offer, and even to include the web address as an alternative. I produced this information at the end of the advertisement for the simple reason it could retain longer screen time and to be the last piece of information seen by the viewer.

Nina Brewin - Response and Development

In Response to Adam's post, While browsing the French Television sites and watching their adverts the glowing, Sparkles effect was apparent when advertising their TV shows (FashionTv) and films but also in high end adverts such as Perfumes or Luxury holidays as Ash had posted.
I did look at other American / English adverts and found out they do the same effect, so its not just a French novelty. The most popular types of ads/idents that used sparkles were luxury adverts (perfumes, chocolates, holidays) and idents for channels, such as Sky ( Movie-branch in particular). So I will conclude that the use of sparkles is a universal symbol ( from my understanding) to sell / show the audience something of high quality that gives the illusion of the expensive and quality.

CineMoi Promotional Advert – Development and Final Influences

My Aim was to recreate a short advert giving the feel of an 1950s Film Noir show.
Why use Film Noir and The New Wave as inspiration? It is considered the Pinnacle of French Film, It was something new and popular in the industry, but as the years past and films developed drawing their inspiration from Film Noir and other genres creating something new, because of this, French Cinema was slowly drowned out. French films did continue but never reached the same Pinnacle. So when people think of French Cinema, they often think of sophisticated Art films of the 40s and 50s. So I felt it was appropriate to use that piece of knowledge for the advert.

To achieve this aesthetically it needs to include Graining and Film flickering from the old / dusty projectors. All Photographs to be in Black and White and finally adding a light spot to the centre of the screen, again another effect from old-school projectors.

The advert first originally had a close-up pan of a female's eyes and then the text wiping in, then Visually I gave the photograph a high-contrast and grainy effect but it still felt amateurish. So By browsing the CineMoi Youtube site again I noticed they had large bold text that just popped into the screen.

So taking this on board and keeping in mind of the old classical cinema effect I photo-shopped a simple bold text by making it glow slightly and partially opaque. I then imported it into Adobe AfterEffects where it filled the screen.
I continued by making the text and photographs shake for the unstable Camera effect and wipe up to reveal the next set of Black and White images and text panning over them to Explain quickly and visually what the advert is selling.

For choice for music, I took into consideration that the client did not want anything Stereotypically French, so I went over to the Sky Movie channels to see what they used to advertise their latest offers and premiers. Most of them used the same style of classical, instrumental music, sometimes with beats to modern up the clip. So I went through a few Classical Chillout albums and found a few that were simple and had a good beat to catch the audience attention.

The advert then ended with the most important part, the CineMoi Logo, I had chosen to put the glowing effect behind it to make it clearer and bolder for the viewer. I used the Pastel Pink colour tone because it brought a sense of kitsch which Pastel colours are normally associated with, And using a bit of subtle stereotyping the reason i used it is that people associate Kitsch with France because of their passion for art and small cafes.

Cinemoi Advertisement

After my initial showing of my Cinemoi advertisemnt on Tuesday, it was decided to change some elements to the footage.

I had originally made the video a minute long, but it was a repeat using different types of music. I used the music from famous composers such as Thomas Newman, Clint Mansell and James Horner.

I found personally that the track Whispers of a Thrill by Thomas Newman seemed to work better than the others. The song comes from the movie Meet Joe Black starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, which is a classy film unto itself.

The problem with the advert though, was the footage was only 15 seconds long! It seemed rushed! Especially, the flashing images of the french films, which didn't seem to connect with the soft, sophisticated feel of Newman's song.

I experimented with 'faster' songs, and I also tried to splice another track into the one I liked...but it was hopeless!

Staying with Whispers of a Thrill, I decided to make it work by extending the footage and slowing the shots of the french films, also adding fades.

To my surprise, this did not work! I feel it was due to the advert being slow paced throughout and containing so many fades. As a viewer, it was really boring to watch!

I went back to my initial idea of having quick paced shots in the middle, but this time I added extra.

Apart from increasing shots, changing font, choosing music, and some minor tweaking, there was hardly any difference between the original and finished copy of the Cinemoi advertisement.

-Nicholas Christian

Meet Joe Black, 1998. Film. Directed by Martin BREST. USA: Universal Pictures

NEWMAN, T., 1998. Whispers of a Thrill. Meet Joe Black OST. CD.

YOUTUBE, 2008. Meet Joe Black - Whisper Of A Thrill. [online]. Available at:
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Monday, 16 November 2009

Carrie Hopkins - My thoughts

After seeing the Pew 36 idents and "mtv" attempts at the commercial we have been briefed with, I started my personal research in the obvious place by looking at the Cinemoi website. I agree with previous comments about the website being very clear and simple in it's presentation and with the opinion that this doesn't nessecarily portray the classic, expensive look that we have been told to create for them.

Seeing as the brief states that the client requires a "classic" look and a style that conforms to the "high quality" of the films shown on the channel I have decided to try and create an advert that incorporates their website style as well as aspects of "classic" French film and music.

Starting with music; I first looked into the soundtracks of some of the films that have recently been screened on the channel. I found that a film called Vidocq had some music by Vivaldi which being classical music connotes high class and as such is applicable to our brief. However, I feel it more appropriate to go with something quintissentially French. As such I looked into popular French music and came across a singer called Edif Piaf; "Piaf" being a nickname given to her by the French public that loved her; a colloquism for Sparrow. Her music is still famous in France today despite the singer having been dead since 1963. It's for this reason I've opted to use her song "La Foule" for my advert.

On visual content I've decided to begin with an image from "Breathless"; a film by the renound director Jean Luc Goddard. A film which is described as "a high point for New Wave films" (The French New Wave An Artistic School translated by Richard Newpert written by Michel Marie pg 13 line 26). It is also featured in Cinemoi's "Classics" trailers. After the image from Breathless I will introduce images from other "Classics" and move on to breifly show a wider selection of the films Cinemoi has to offer.

Telling A Story in 15 Seconds!!!

For my advertisement, I was thinking of attempting to tell a short story. While watching one of the adverts Pew 36 produced for Cinemoi, I was reminded of the 1973 Hovis advert. Both videos show a bicycle, a cobbled road and tell a story in a short span of time.

The Hovis ad appears more like a scene from a film, than a commercial for bread. The director went on to produce famous movies such as Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000).

Going on the concept of advertisements that tell stories, I also looked at the old Gold Blend ads, which became its own little serial drama. It ran from the late 1980s to early 1990s. It told the story of two neighbours who fall in love with each other, and coffee was their connection.

From watching this, I realised Nescafe were trying to imply that their product was for sophisticated and successful people. These people are rich, host dinner parties, admire modern art, are beautiful and arrogant but have a hidden charm.

To create this classy look, I think Nescafe thought black, white, red and gold would best represent this.

These Gold Blend adverts with their dinner parties and their so called intellectuals, reminded me of the famous 1993 Ferro Rocher advert – The Ambassador’s party.

Notice how they have they have dubbed the voices with poor French and Italian accents?

Another Ferro Rocher one…

Chanel No5 also uses gold and red in their ‘French’ advert.

Browsing through the Cinemoi website, I also noticed the pink text highlighting the important elements the channel has to offer. I thought this was an unusual colour to use, as I personally don’t believe it is the best colour to represent ‘classical’.

Struggling to find any decent French music, I was thinking of using music from a film for my piece, but something dramatic and orchestrated. Watching the Thrillers clip on the website, I noticed the soundtrack they used isn’t French at all. It’s from the movie Slumdog Millionaire (2008).

I will be looking at music composed by people such as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, John Williams, James Horner and Clint Mansell.

I like the fact that classical French cinema has a film noir quality to it, so I was thinking of maybe doing some black and white drawings, but I don’t want it to be too similar to Frank Miller’s Sin City (1991).

Another thing I have been looking at is a couple of opening sequences to James Bond movies. Yes, they are sleazy, but they are also meant to represent class, sex, action and sophistication.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Quantum of Solace

-Nicholas Christian


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Ashley Fry - Second Thoughts

After listening to Miguels comments, i looked at the Sofitel website, who are in partnership with Cinemoi. Instantly the appearance of the website was evidently different. Please follow the link below.

We can see straight away the Gold, rich colours that make the site appear luxury. This is also backed up by the Serif / Italic font used, however under strict instructions, Cinemoi have asked us to avoid using Serif font, but still maintain a high level of luxury. It is going to prove hard, and i feel i have to search deeper instead of basing my research on font and visuals.

While browsing on the internet for Sofitel, the very first option, had the slogon

" Sofitel Hotels: Luxury with a French flair" anon 2009 (
This is what i feel the Cinemoi adverts are missing and need, I mentioned two slogon ideas in my previous blog, found on the Cinemoi website itself, which even more strongly now, I feel the want to include. I looked into the sort of advertising Sofitel had to offer and the link below, lead me to a superb idea.

It seemed a perfect starting point for my advertisment. While keeping with the classy, rich feel, it kept its elegance but also slightly aimed at the younger generation, which Cinemoi seem keen on doing. Given the vast majority of high quality imagery we were supplied with and lack of video footage, I am considering the same technique with chopping parts of the photograph up and animating them. I feel its a bit more interesting then what pottentially is just a slide show of pictures. I have been looking into music and believe i have found the perfect piece to use with my advert again, find the link below.

The chorus of the song which lasts for roughly 20 seconds, this will fit perfectly into the amount of time given for our advert and after researching the lyrics, they also seem to merge with the feel.

I hope, I hope, I hope
Oh yes i hope
Its in my character
I hope.

While finding myself somewhat stuck for ideas about this project, I held a focus group at my uni home with a few questions to ask my housemates. There courses varied from Advertising, PA , Performance, Construction and Sports Studdies to mention a few, so I knew i could get a broad range of ideas to help.
The first thing I did was play my housemates my Music and ask them what instantly came into there head. The feedback was reasonably possitive with people mainly refering to the feel of a perfume advert. One girl said " I picture a woman in heels slowly walking down a street with a friend or husband possibly going to the cinema or theatre." Mentioning more than one person was the perfect response to what i was looking for.
A few valid points were made in the focus group, especially the idea of keeping the pictures in black and white, with reference to Film Noir. I like the idea of keeping the pictures black and white, however using some possibly desaturated colour will help to add dramatic effect. A point was also raised to keep the use of the logo minimal, possibly just a shot at the end, similar to there other adverts. The good reason behind this was because the advert will be shown (i think) only on the Cinemoi channel as they are refering to customers that they already have, therefor getting the message across is more important than the use of the logo.

Ashley Fry

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Miguel Gómez - Some kind of research

Well, I´ve been trying to come up with some good ideas for the Cinemoi advert... unsuccesfuly.
While looking for some TV idents vids by the Internet I fell in love with the idents of thematic "canal plus" like +cinema and +family.
They are really elegant but not especially classic... but, anyway, they might give me some keys for the colour and the composition

I was so baffled about the ad stuff that I suddenly felt like making a trailer of my current project (well, it's nearly finished): an animated videoclip for a Spanish indie-pop band. And so I did!

Yeah... I know, it’s not the best thing to do during a Saturday night.

Well, continuing with the main issue...

I also have been taking a look at the Cinémoi webpage design and some trailers. Of course, it would be suicidal not to try to make something similar. While taking a look to the trailers and spots I noticed they are really simple, there´s nothing else but movie fragments and the logo in the end of the ad slowly getting bigger.
Analyzing the graphic style, I ended up with this conclusion: if they attempted to make an expensive and classic-looking design, they didn´t really achieve it. Actually, the logo reminds me of the one of Cartoon Network (because of the black and white and the very bold fonts):

Here we have an example of luxury ad, directed by the brilliant film-maker David Lynch:

As you can see, the golden and yellow colours are taking all the protagonism and the fonts are some kind of thick handwritten small letters. I don't have any clear text reference about why these letters are more luxurious than the ones of cartoon network, but I guess it has to do with the clearness and decoration. The ones of Cinémoi are made, basically, to catch the attention of the viewers, because we ought to consider they are not very successful (yet) and the famous perfumes trademarks doesn´t need to catch the attention of the global public that way, because it's not a product destined to everybody but for a richer minority.

If you follow this link you´ll see another example of elegant and expensive trademark with expensive typography.

I've also found a student typography animation in Youtube called "Glamorous". I know it´s not a really reliable reference but I think it really approaches to the concept.

Anyway, I think I’m going to try to merge the luxurious style with the Cinémoi graphic concepts in order to create something appealing but, at the same time, expensive and good-quality looking.

Those are my first thoughts I´ve got some conclusions about the fonts and the colours but I still need to think about the animation, composition and, of course, the music.

Apologies about my English. Mig

REPLY to Dan Tyler & Ash Fry

Try not to drift off of the core requirement of this promotion. This is 'Refer a Friend'. This implies that the advert is being directed at existing customers not new customers.
The idea is to encourage those French subscribers to recommend the service to their French friends. So to suggest that the subscription process is simple as a factor would be to detract from the offer.
Focus on the offer which is a month free for each subscriber.

Where is your research?

REPLY to Ash Fry

Thats a good start to investigating the clients needs. In order to produce something original, you should use this data to springboard onwards to other sources of inspiration, beyond the cinemoi webpage. This is especially important when trying to create a new way of selling the existing brand within the confines of the term 'classic'.

Even though they are targeting the French portion of UK residents, it is still a UK channel and enjoys a viewing audience from a wide variety of cultures. Are there any classic themes which are more general which can be incorporated?

Its great that you are putting so much thought into the clients brand identity.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dan Tyler - 1st Thoughts

With regards to Ash's comment I completely agree with the idea of incorporating the use of the referral page.
I think it would be a 'smart' move to include the idea of using their website as an idea of 'quick and painless' transaction (Minutes to set up)
Perhaps breakdown the text of their web address in a way that the viewer would take it in without any thoughts to remembering it.
I also agree with the colour scheme that Ash picked up on, as if to say that that particular colour would be a recognition of 'Refer A Friend', much like their package collections, e.g. Thriller, Drama, Family etc..
I also think that MAYBE it would be a good idea to include briefly that it is a 'Safe & Secure' website, because for some of those 'oldies' that are afraid of the internet would know that they have authentic certification to deal with transactions over the internet. (But obviously still include their telephone number)

Dan Tyler

Ashley Fry - Initial Ideas

Before i started getting ideas for my advert, i took a look on the Cinemoi website at While on the Cinemoi page i came across two quotes that really stuck out.

"Audience expectations might have changed over the years but French film has lost none of its power to amaze." (anon 2009 :

"Cinemoi: These aren't just great French movies, these are some of the greatest movies ever made." (anon 2009 :

As a first thought these could be pieces of text i could use in my advert, as i feel they are both quite powerfull statements. After clicking on the Subscription trailer before anything, i noticed that there was a large Cinemoi logo. Next was the words 'French' and 'Film', which were written in caps in a large font. This later happens with the words 'Exclusive Interviews', 'New Films' and 'Subscribe'. It is clear very early on that Cinemoi like to put forward there information clear and concise with little distraction. This method however, is very plain and doesn't show me, as a viewer, what is so exciting about subscribing to Cinemoi.

The voice used in this advert is very smooth and calming which emphasizes the companies 'classic' feel. i next found myself looking at other trailers on the website. one which really stood out was the 'Thrillers On Cinemoi'

I noticed again the Capital letters with large fonts but also the way in which the trailer was in sync with the backing track. I really liked the feel to this and wanted to incorporate this somehow into my advert. After moving to the section ‘Clips’ I found 3 previous Idents the company had used. After seeing the Idents they had already produced, it was clear that the target audience was unexpedetly a youthful one. The Idents “bar” and “lipstick” are what led me to make this assumption as the footage is a “party scene” full of young beautiful people. However there is also a clear attempt to merge the “classic and contemporary” representation they wish to achieve. The sophisticated and mature dress sense with the black and white colour is an instant notification of this. Due to Cinemoi’s current low success levels it has led me to believe that the target audience they wish to establish and are aiming at is the wrong one. There for when designing my advert I will be targeting the older audience as I feel it will be more effective and beneficial to Cinemoi.

The first, Cinemoi Ident ‘Bar,’ finishes in the very French film style by tracking to the object which is the main focus of the shot and blurring the surroundings. The next 2 Idents follow the exact same scheme however the last is slightly different with the Cinemoi logo only being visible at the end by sticking it in the bottom corner. This to me is not very effective at all, and as a viewer,I am confused as to whether this is an advert for Cinemoi or a trailer of a film being shown on Cinemoi.

The majority of the trailers on the site, ended with the Cinemoi logo increasing in size toward the screen, with the ‘MOI’ in a different colour. I really liked this approach as it was very clear what the advert was about and as there was very minimal activity and colour, I was completely focused on the Cinemoi logo and the words ‘French Movie Channel’

This example starts with an end shot of a trailer but later fades to a black background.

When clicking on the Subscribe link on the site I was redirected to a page with striking pink colours, which seemed the theme for ‘refer a friend’ this has given me an idea for something to incorporate into my advert for the company as a possible end logo.

Ashley Fry

Ashley Fry

Before i put my first blog up on here i just wanted to say how i stumbled across an example of which i think Nina was refering too, im not sure if is the example you were talking about but hey. :)

Friday, 13 November 2009

Response to NINA BREWIN

There is clearly alot of work and time gone into your post, but there is an element of vagueness to your referencing. I would have liked to have direct links to some of the things you make reference to.
What texts have been written to support your choices? Has anyone else written or undertaken research in this area?

The French seem love adding sparkles to the side/behind text in their adverts, as found with most mini-adverts on the CANAL+ Station
This line caught my attention. it seems a bit generalising. I would certainly liked to have seen links to examples and some kind of evidence of your exploration into finding adverts which did in fact buck this trend. it may well be that you are correct and the french do like sparkles, but more so than german or british people? what, beyond some time spent googling french adverts, provided you with the evidence to support the statement? and is it just a recent phenomenon? have been able to access any french design journals? flicking through the last few months of those often reveal trends and fashions. have you looked into fashion? the uk has a big 80's revival thing going on at the moment with bright neon colours and sparkles.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

CineMoi - LOCKDOWN - Research

Defining what the client wants out of its advert.

The CineMoi company ultimately want their advert to inform their customers/new customers of the latest special offer, a recommend a friend promotion which is to compromise of the channel's theme while giving a classic, expensive element to encourage the viewers to feel that their money is buying quality.

The word 'Classic' and 'expensive' in regards to French Cinema made me think directly to the old black and white films of the La Nouvelle Vague (The French New Wave), Regarded by most the peak of French Cinema.

The French film makers in this period were influenced by classic Hollywood cinema (FilmNoir) / Italian Neorealism, but what is the one thing these have in common?

They all have strong character development and the storytelling is slowly paced compared to other films.

So for the advert I could use a character / couple characters to try and develop an emotion between them and the audience~

Simple is Elegant, I don't want to cram the viewers with too much information or images. A focus on a few characters to perhaps tell the offer, or do an action which shows the characters themselves interacting with friends, being cheerful and happy will give the overall mood that this offer is good and the channel shows quality, traditional French Cinema.

Modern French Television

Now I do not wish to make a dated advert so I continued my research to French Television Channels and viewed their adverts and Idents to see if there was a correlation of 'classic' styled adverts between channels. What do they use to explain to the audience that their product is of fine quality?

If we start of with the setting it is generally set in worn/old streets, or bars and High-end clubs. Fairly different and contrasting from each other. Perhaps the worn/dirty look helps to link with the more down-to-earth traditional aspect of French Life which would link nicely with the classic-theme. And the bars are rich in colours conveying the expensive / luxury lifestyle.

One of the adverts I really liked was by Maybelline Make-up, The text used to describe the product was small and simple and faded in and out of the scene, but also the text moved along with the camera as it panned down a female body. - (M6 Television Channel)

I could use the camera to focus into one of the photographs, say of two people holding hands/socialising, and as the camera moves it tells the audience what is happening in the picture with text moving along side, this will hopefully incorporate the theme of French Cinema (slow camera movements / character development) and inform the audience of the product.

I looked at French Perfume adverts, since its considered a luxury item they were the perfect type of advert to give us the impression of how they do expensive, quality products in French Television . Popular perfume Channel No.5's advert told us a rather random story/ if any, I do think they are bad examples of trying to inform the audience what the product is about, But Visually it was perfect at conveying the quailty aspect, they used a rich variety of colours such as blacks, Gold,reds and blues.

Though if I want to keep to the Black and White theme of traditional French Cinema then maybe I can slip one or two for these colours into the background to create a elegant mood. I'm thinking Gold text on a black and white image would look very rich.

Another thing I found was sparkles. The French seem love adding sparkles to the side/behind text in their adverts, as found with most mini-adverts on the CANAL+ Station. I guess its to give the illusion of crystals/diamonds = expensive.

Continuing to look at French Television channels I found some wonderful visual adverts/ movie posters that I could pick at. First was CANAL+ Film poster.

The use of shading in a photograph could give the advert a unique flair that would attract attention. Instead of the pastel colours used I'd go for the deeper rich colours as explained previously.

Secondly another CANAL+ Film advertisement caught my eye because of the strong composition. To one side was part of a character and the other is the text, which is very bold and eye catching but at the bottom a softer font is used in a different colour, so its explaining the film but making sure the viewer is not overcrowded by information.

If I follow the Maybelline advert with the camera panning through a photograph I may want to consider a use of different fonts and colours to add variety.

CineMoi has its own Youtube account with a list of past adverts they had used and a 'favourites' section filled with scenes from French Films. By browsing through it could help to give a type of mood they are after in their adverts and perhaps the type of music they like?

This was also a good opportunity to grab any slogans / tag lines they have used on their account page. The best ones which I could incorporate are,

'The edgiest channel since Film Four - Find us in Sky Movies - CHANNEL NO.343


'Cinémoi the first and only channel dedicated to French film. '

I shall be taking all aspects of my research stated and then develop a few ideas turning the best ones into visual concepts.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Hey Negrita Cold story

Noticed no-one had posted the story up on the blog. Here's the version I have written down, feel free to edit if it's out of date. ;D - Maeve.

- In cafe
- Felix looking around the cafe -> sees drunks/drug addicts
- Doesn't see positive stuff outside
- Friend joins Felix at table
- Junkie friend gives him a gift/bag (containing sunglasses?)
- Friend leaves
- Felix notices the band setting up outside
- Lady stocking the fridge prevents him from leaving
- Felix goes to leave - forgets bag
- Spill coffee
- Fat junkie dies
- Band invite him to go outside
- Cleaner mops up mess from Fat Man, leaves a glistening path where the light outside reflects off the clean floor
- Leaves the cafe

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Animatic 2.5D cafe - Miguel

Hi there, everybody.

The 2.5D cafe room is kind of finished. You can find it in PC01. The location is "E:\working folder\clients\COLD\Source files\AFX\cafe 25D.aep". You also must take a copy of the folder called "room 2-5 layers", otherwise, it won't work.

Of course, if you think theres something which can be fixed or improved, feel free to retouch it. Please, find attached (if i know how to) some screenshots.

Monday, 2 November 2009

French cinema style - Maeve

I found a clip of Alphaville that I believe is a good example of French Cinema. :D
Ron showed this most of the movie in one lesson of the Lockdown. I noticed there were a there were often extreme close ups of faces and sometimes the eye/s. And there were also a lot of insert shots of objects or events unrelated to the current scene. In the clip, for example there are two insert shots of a police driving through the city and then the officers getting out of the car.

We could have insert shots of sort of related objects by keeping them to stuff inside the cafe, for example, insert shot of a cup of coffee, or coffee/tea being stirred, or some form of liquid being poured into something, some sugar cubes, a clock on the wall etc.
How 'bizarre' do we want this to be?

Sunday, 1 November 2009

French cinema style- Ash

Ok, Ive been searching around trying to find some styles that french cinema use, that we could encorporate into the music video. Popping up a few times was the 'over use' of camera tracking instead of cuts. This could give a realy nice feel to the video, especially if our character is sitting in this coffee shop, watching 'old hims' walk past. Instead of going to diffenet camera view's we can realy over-use one camera shot, whether its spinning round the coffee shop looking at all the other people inside, or floating around, checking his expressions and also looking at passers by out the window.
If we decide to go with this idea of the old him's walking past outside, it would give a realy nice touch, i feel, if the camera was to stay in the coffee shop for the duration of the video. It kind of makes the viewer feel more close the main character, seeing life through his eyes as opposed to 'watching the video.' Do we even need a main character? we could use the camera as the main characters eyes. The viewer is the main character. The camera could look down at his feet etc. its been done a few times before in videos but is always realy effective.
To back the above, i also found that hand held cameras were used quite a lot, as opposed to trypods etc. That would give a realy organic feel to the video, especially if were looking through the characters eyes? let me no wat your thoughts are. ash