Monday, 9 November 2009

Hey Negrita Cold story

Noticed no-one had posted the story up on the blog. Here's the version I have written down, feel free to edit if it's out of date. ;D - Maeve.

- In cafe
- Felix looking around the cafe -> sees drunks/drug addicts
- Doesn't see positive stuff outside
- Friend joins Felix at table
- Junkie friend gives him a gift/bag (containing sunglasses?)
- Friend leaves
- Felix notices the band setting up outside
- Lady stocking the fridge prevents him from leaving
- Felix goes to leave - forgets bag
- Spill coffee
- Fat junkie dies
- Band invite him to go outside
- Cleaner mops up mess from Fat Man, leaves a glistening path where the light outside reflects off the clean floor
- Leaves the cafe

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