Monday, 16 November 2009

Ashley Fry - Second Thoughts

After listening to Miguels comments, i looked at the Sofitel website, who are in partnership with Cinemoi. Instantly the appearance of the website was evidently different. Please follow the link below.

We can see straight away the Gold, rich colours that make the site appear luxury. This is also backed up by the Serif / Italic font used, however under strict instructions, Cinemoi have asked us to avoid using Serif font, but still maintain a high level of luxury. It is going to prove hard, and i feel i have to search deeper instead of basing my research on font and visuals.

While browsing on the internet for Sofitel, the very first option, had the slogon

" Sofitel Hotels: Luxury with a French flair" anon 2009 (
This is what i feel the Cinemoi adverts are missing and need, I mentioned two slogon ideas in my previous blog, found on the Cinemoi website itself, which even more strongly now, I feel the want to include. I looked into the sort of advertising Sofitel had to offer and the link below, lead me to a superb idea.

It seemed a perfect starting point for my advertisment. While keeping with the classy, rich feel, it kept its elegance but also slightly aimed at the younger generation, which Cinemoi seem keen on doing. Given the vast majority of high quality imagery we were supplied with and lack of video footage, I am considering the same technique with chopping parts of the photograph up and animating them. I feel its a bit more interesting then what pottentially is just a slide show of pictures. I have been looking into music and believe i have found the perfect piece to use with my advert again, find the link below.

The chorus of the song which lasts for roughly 20 seconds, this will fit perfectly into the amount of time given for our advert and after researching the lyrics, they also seem to merge with the feel.

I hope, I hope, I hope
Oh yes i hope
Its in my character
I hope.

While finding myself somewhat stuck for ideas about this project, I held a focus group at my uni home with a few questions to ask my housemates. There courses varied from Advertising, PA , Performance, Construction and Sports Studdies to mention a few, so I knew i could get a broad range of ideas to help.
The first thing I did was play my housemates my Music and ask them what instantly came into there head. The feedback was reasonably possitive with people mainly refering to the feel of a perfume advert. One girl said " I picture a woman in heels slowly walking down a street with a friend or husband possibly going to the cinema or theatre." Mentioning more than one person was the perfect response to what i was looking for.
A few valid points were made in the focus group, especially the idea of keeping the pictures in black and white, with reference to Film Noir. I like the idea of keeping the pictures black and white, however using some possibly desaturated colour will help to add dramatic effect. A point was also raised to keep the use of the logo minimal, possibly just a shot at the end, similar to there other adverts. The good reason behind this was because the advert will be shown (i think) only on the Cinemoi channel as they are refering to customers that they already have, therefor getting the message across is more important than the use of the logo.

Ashley Fry

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