Thursday, 19 November 2009

i really dont have a clue what im doing never done a blog befor =S

hope this is writ sorry about spelling.

On starting my cinamoi project i deicide one of the most important thing for me to do was to work out the colour scheme and ecstatic of the piece.
I started my looking into French perfume adverts on and notes in most of them if not all of them the colour gold was you frequently and red fetched in some of them I then decide to have a look into any other classy adverts to see if the gold and red colour scheme feted in them also after watch some Ferrero Rocher are well known for their glamour and elegances. After watching these add i stumbled across the Stella Artois Spec adverts which to me did not shot classy but after watching the advert i realised the way that Stella Artois made their advert make their product seam more classy than it really was by using the gold and red color scheme and dark shadows and dim lighting.
I wanted to try to bring this assents’ of glamour and class to my advert used the color scheme that are fetched so heavily in all these adverts.
After looking at these add being happy with the colour sheme it then look to words what type of font i would use after talking with Adam I was informed that the client did not like sand serif fonts and want a clean but classy serif font.
I had a good look about and discovered that the art nouveau had some nicey and well designed serif font so I was pretty shore from the start art nouveau was the style type for me.
I decide i would type art nouveau into Google to see if it would give me any great ideas, and i hit GOLD. From my Graphic days, back in collage I instantly recognize the pattern it was damask a art nouveau continues pattern .
Damask is a black and white pattern from use in the art nouveau style it is used in inter design and on furnishing a lot
I know from the moment i shore this pattern i wanted to use it in my advert but new i would have to use it sparlling or it would over power the txt and the information would not get across.

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