Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cinemoi Advertisement

After my initial showing of my Cinemoi advertisemnt on Tuesday, it was decided to change some elements to the footage.

I had originally made the video a minute long, but it was a repeat using different types of music. I used the music from famous composers such as Thomas Newman, Clint Mansell and James Horner.

I found personally that the track Whispers of a Thrill by Thomas Newman seemed to work better than the others. The song comes from the movie Meet Joe Black starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, which is a classy film unto itself.

The problem with the advert though, was the footage was only 15 seconds long! It seemed rushed! Especially, the flashing images of the french films, which didn't seem to connect with the soft, sophisticated feel of Newman's song.

I experimented with 'faster' songs, and I also tried to splice another track into the one I liked...but it was hopeless!

Staying with Whispers of a Thrill, I decided to make it work by extending the footage and slowing the shots of the french films, also adding fades.

To my surprise, this did not work! I feel it was due to the advert being slow paced throughout and containing so many fades. As a viewer, it was really boring to watch!

I went back to my initial idea of having quick paced shots in the middle, but this time I added extra.

Apart from increasing shots, changing font, choosing music, and some minor tweaking, there was hardly any difference between the original and finished copy of the Cinemoi advertisement.

-Nicholas Christian

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