Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ashley Fry - Initial Ideas

Before i started getting ideas for my advert, i took a look on the Cinemoi website at While on the Cinemoi page i came across two quotes that really stuck out.

"Audience expectations might have changed over the years but French film has lost none of its power to amaze." (anon 2009 :

"Cinemoi: These aren't just great French movies, these are some of the greatest movies ever made." (anon 2009 :

As a first thought these could be pieces of text i could use in my advert, as i feel they are both quite powerfull statements. After clicking on the Subscription trailer before anything, i noticed that there was a large Cinemoi logo. Next was the words 'French' and 'Film', which were written in caps in a large font. This later happens with the words 'Exclusive Interviews', 'New Films' and 'Subscribe'. It is clear very early on that Cinemoi like to put forward there information clear and concise with little distraction. This method however, is very plain and doesn't show me, as a viewer, what is so exciting about subscribing to Cinemoi.

The voice used in this advert is very smooth and calming which emphasizes the companies 'classic' feel. i next found myself looking at other trailers on the website. one which really stood out was the 'Thrillers On Cinemoi'

I noticed again the Capital letters with large fonts but also the way in which the trailer was in sync with the backing track. I really liked the feel to this and wanted to incorporate this somehow into my advert. After moving to the section ‘Clips’ I found 3 previous Idents the company had used. After seeing the Idents they had already produced, it was clear that the target audience was unexpedetly a youthful one. The Idents “bar” and “lipstick” are what led me to make this assumption as the footage is a “party scene” full of young beautiful people. However there is also a clear attempt to merge the “classic and contemporary” representation they wish to achieve. The sophisticated and mature dress sense with the black and white colour is an instant notification of this. Due to Cinemoi’s current low success levels it has led me to believe that the target audience they wish to establish and are aiming at is the wrong one. There for when designing my advert I will be targeting the older audience as I feel it will be more effective and beneficial to Cinemoi.

The first, Cinemoi Ident ‘Bar,’ finishes in the very French film style by tracking to the object which is the main focus of the shot and blurring the surroundings. The next 2 Idents follow the exact same scheme however the last is slightly different with the Cinemoi logo only being visible at the end by sticking it in the bottom corner. This to me is not very effective at all, and as a viewer,I am confused as to whether this is an advert for Cinemoi or a trailer of a film being shown on Cinemoi.

The majority of the trailers on the site, ended with the Cinemoi logo increasing in size toward the screen, with the ‘MOI’ in a different colour. I really liked this approach as it was very clear what the advert was about and as there was very minimal activity and colour, I was completely focused on the Cinemoi logo and the words ‘French Movie Channel’

This example starts with an end shot of a trailer but later fades to a black background.

When clicking on the Subscribe link on the site I was redirected to a page with striking pink colours, which seemed the theme for ‘refer a friend’ this has given me an idea for something to incorporate into my advert for the company as a possible end logo.

Ashley Fry

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