Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Nina Brewin - Response and Development

In Response to Adam's post, While browsing the French Television sites and watching their adverts the glowing, Sparkles effect was apparent when advertising their TV shows (FashionTv) and films but also in high end adverts such as Perfumes or Luxury holidays as Ash had posted.
I did look at other American / English adverts and found out they do the same effect, so its not just a French novelty. The most popular types of ads/idents that used sparkles were luxury adverts (perfumes, chocolates, holidays) and idents for channels, such as Sky ( Movie-branch in particular). So I will conclude that the use of sparkles is a universal symbol ( from my understanding) to sell / show the audience something of high quality that gives the illusion of the expensive and quality.

CineMoi Promotional Advert – Development and Final Influences

My Aim was to recreate a short advert giving the feel of an 1950s Film Noir show.
Why use Film Noir and The New Wave as inspiration? It is considered the Pinnacle of French Film, It was something new and popular in the industry, but as the years past and films developed drawing their inspiration from Film Noir and other genres creating something new, because of this, French Cinema was slowly drowned out. French films did continue but never reached the same Pinnacle. So when people think of French Cinema, they often think of sophisticated Art films of the 40s and 50s. So I felt it was appropriate to use that piece of knowledge for the advert.

To achieve this aesthetically it needs to include Graining and Film flickering from the old / dusty projectors. All Photographs to be in Black and White and finally adding a light spot to the centre of the screen, again another effect from old-school projectors.

The advert first originally had a close-up pan of a female's eyes and then the text wiping in, then Visually I gave the photograph a high-contrast and grainy effect but it still felt amateurish. So By browsing the CineMoi Youtube site again I noticed they had large bold text that just popped into the screen.

So taking this on board and keeping in mind of the old classical cinema effect I photo-shopped a simple bold text by making it glow slightly and partially opaque. I then imported it into Adobe AfterEffects where it filled the screen.
I continued by making the text and photographs shake for the unstable Camera effect and wipe up to reveal the next set of Black and White images and text panning over them to Explain quickly and visually what the advert is selling.

For choice for music, I took into consideration that the client did not want anything Stereotypically French, so I went over to the Sky Movie channels to see what they used to advertise their latest offers and premiers. Most of them used the same style of classical, instrumental music, sometimes with beats to modern up the clip. So I went through a few Classical Chillout albums and found a few that were simple and had a good beat to catch the audience attention.

The advert then ended with the most important part, the CineMoi Logo, I had chosen to put the glowing effect behind it to make it clearer and bolder for the viewer. I used the Pastel Pink colour tone because it brought a sense of kitsch which Pastel colours are normally associated with, And using a bit of subtle stereotyping the reason i used it is that people associate Kitsch with France because of their passion for art and small cafes.

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