Monday, 2 November 2009

French cinema style - Maeve

I found a clip of Alphaville that I believe is a good example of French Cinema. :D
Ron showed this most of the movie in one lesson of the Lockdown. I noticed there were a there were often extreme close ups of faces and sometimes the eye/s. And there were also a lot of insert shots of objects or events unrelated to the current scene. In the clip, for example there are two insert shots of a police driving through the city and then the officers getting out of the car.

We could have insert shots of sort of related objects by keeping them to stuff inside the cafe, for example, insert shot of a cup of coffee, or coffee/tea being stirred, or some form of liquid being poured into something, some sugar cubes, a clock on the wall etc.
How 'bizarre' do we want this to be?

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