Sunday, 18 October 2009

TUTOR: Response to Nina Brewin

i think for now im going to skip by the aesthetic observations and focus on your comments on the narrative.
that said, what impact on the atmosphere does making the audience look harder at the screen create? i suspect i know what your initial gut response to this question might be, but look at other films and see if there is text supporting that theory.
there are plenty of videos on youtube which are designed to 'boo' you, and they nearly all have grainy low fi footage of not much going on forcing you to concentrate.
the knocking the plug out of the wall event is rightly identified as the first plot point...this upsets their world and changes the status quo. but you need to look beyond direct comparisons to just a single zombie film. how does this plot point differ from plot points from films of other genres? if at all?
how might the narrative have gone if we needed to establish the 'how' the zombies came to be? try to be midful of the 3 minute film restrictions when considering this. how do other zombie films set this situation up?
and then you drift off into video 2. was this intentional or did you get confused?

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