Tuesday, 20 October 2009

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In response to your questions regarding the set up of why its nessasary to establish the Zombie's origin, we feel that in the first video it's unclear at first that zombies are even involved. It took each of us quite a few times watching through to realise that a zombie pulled the plug. An action which is supposedly the first plot point. Should it then not be made entirely clear as it is an integral part of the narrative.

We agree that perhaps it is not nesessary to establish the initial reason for an outbreak but it is however seemingly important to show the plague spreading or atleast show that there are zombie like creatures in the room with the band.

We realise that shock and suprise are important aspects of any horror genre but if your aim was to create this by leaving it unclear at first that there are zombies involved then surely a slightly faster paced introduction would be appropriate. Perhaps with a cut to a zombie behind a band member that we would not have realised before?

-Dan, Carrie, Nina

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