Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hey Negrita Video 1 Analysis - Nina Brewin

From the initial few seconds of the video we have the settings established and everything seems fine as the band members continue to play~ With the worn , old film look filtered over the top i get the impression this is meant to be set during the earlier Zombie films, but the same technique is used over the other videos making it harder to define the era of each film? Perhaps it was used to to help set the atmosphere giving the audience the sense of the film being decrepit, old and dirty. Maybe even mysterious since the shadows are very heavy, this is reminiscent of Zombie films throughout, making the audience look harder at the screen to define whats happening.

We then see one of the characters knock the plug out of the wall causing the lights to go out thats when all chaos is let lose. This is another recurring factor in Zombie films, a character will somehow start or be the key to the rising of Zombies, like in Return of the Living dead where Frank is the direct cause for releasing them. Now knocking a plug out of a wall isn't directly a cause for the zombies so it might of been nice to give a reason for why the zombies were there in the first place?
The Zombies go by their traditional stereotype of being slow and unintelligent~ The Zombie's do and don't keep to the rule of,

'The only way to stop a zombie is a well placed head shot. (Hammer, ice-pick, gun, axe, etc.)'

When we first see the singer beat them up, yes some are still alive and crawling while others just disappear and are assumed dead? Or perhaps it could be made clearer?
But then a character later retifies by attempting to kill his bitten friend with an axe?
Again an influence to Return of the Living Dead is apparent as one of the character's is bitten causing concern for the other band members.
I find this video does fill in the requirements for an 80s zombie era film, i guess it could of been more dramatised with the reason for the Zombie's existence or have a hoard of Zombies attacking instead of4/5?